Friday, September 16, 2016

Kalanggaman Island, Palompon Leyte

Skinny's Back. It was one of those random weekends wherein I saw a facebook post from our very dear Vice Mayor Mayel Martinez and to invite myself in. Drama free . Full of fun. Got the crew on lock. Y'all know that I could just be anywhere and fit in. Luh. WE do it big. That's how errthang went down.

ps. some photos are taken from Vice Mayor Mayel's account

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Hey what's up. It's been so long since I have posted something on this blog. Nope, I wasn't considering ending this blog. I was just busy writing and doing other things.
So, it has been 10 years since then. Since I was 19 I've been on this blog pouring my heart and mind into this.
I still remembered the day I started writing. I've never felt so alone back then. Afraid of what people might think of if I express myself out loud. Ten years on and no longer afraid. I couldn't believe it. It never felt this good looking back at the old me and making this blog as my home sweet home.

Friday, July 22, 2016


Not everyone knows the reason why I took up nursing. Back in the day, everyone who took up nursing have one main goal. To search for greener pastures. Im not gonna lie, it was mine too but my main reason was very personal. I want to understand what was going on around me. By that I mean my older brother. Growing up nobody explained to me what was happening to him. All I know is that he was crazy. None of my family told me about his drug addiction. Later on as I pursue this career I begin to understand him. I found my answers. All along HE JUST WANTED TO BE HEARD THAT HE NEEDED HELP.  His drug addiction was a cry for help that deep inside he cant utter. So I made it a point that wherever life may take me, no one like him gets left behind. That in this battle they will never be alone. I am here to help. I wont judge. I promise. 💛💚❤️💙💜💗💓