Friday, June 18, 2010

A Gay Life

Wish I could take you guys back to the day when all of this craziness begun and defy all odds.

Hahahahaha.. How I wish this could all be real... But its true... I love him.. but he doesn't love me back.. Well anyway its okay.. At least, he doesn't spoil my dreams of loving him.. He knows about this.. and funny thing about this is..

I wish I could be stronger to resist but I can't. He always make me weak in the knees. I've been so careful not to fall but I did.. I know you guys are raising your eyebrows and I know that you wanted to tell me how stupid I am..

Well yeah I'm stupid.. I wanted to shout his name at the top of my lungs... And every time I look at the sky I see his name written in the skyline.. Stupid.. maybe more than that.. I'm crazy in love with him.. ha hay..

Wish B.O.B and Hayley were right.(.

Wish we could make wishes out of airplanes then maybe all of this will come true..

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