Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Twisted Sister

Let her radiant beauty allure you. She is my Sister. A real stunner I must say. She's living a free life with no apologies to her actions. She ain't gonna flex into anything coz she'll whoop your ass til you bleed no more.

Don't be fooled with her tank tops and her girly ways coz she's not a flower, she stings. Once you're with her there's no goin back. She'll make you tell your friends how you made it that high.

I felt that I've known her in my other life coz I think we had this crazy connection beyond the age we had. I'm not a mind reader but I seem to know whats in her mind.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Hell of a Summer Fling

I know I've said that the last time that I've fallen would be the final last one but boy, here I go again. So I've met this guy from a basketball tournament. He was the tallest and for me the cutest. Just a snap, I liked him like no other man I've liked before. I knew then on that If I felt this way I'd go all the way. Give in all the way. Act like a total moron in front of every people I know. Well this is me I don't give a damn to what people say as long as I'm happy.

Like any other flings that I had before. It was one sided and short lived. I don't know if the words that I've said scared him away or hurt him in any way but I know for sure, he'll hate me forever. Maybe he's prepared for this but I hadn't.

Now I'm so down coz nothin in my life is going right. It was just meant to be a summer fling. Something inside me went wrong and hurt me all the way. I've got this crazy feeling deep inside that I'm gonna be like this for a long time and my heart can't rest til then.