Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Fiesta Bliss Lapaz, Bogo City

So what if people think that I seem to look like someone who can't handle alcohol but I am totally in control. People told me that I'm OFF everytime I rock the Party. I always get that look like I'm gonna start a fight or havoc but please I don't care what you think about me, I'm just havin fun.

This is not some experimental game for you to know the results. I am really havin a ball everytime I hangout with this kids. No drama, No bullshits, No ulterior motives, no second guessing, Just pure clean fun.

As Katy Perry would say " It felt so wrong, It felt so right, it don't mean I'm inlove tonight."

Monday, November 28, 2011

In the Hands of a Master

Need not say more... Sarah Put's beauty on top of everything.. His hands is like the hands of a magician. Just a swish and flick and he can make you look beautiful.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

JS Prom in November... Seriously?

The gown, the make-up, the accessories, the drama and so many things had to be considered. Your mind will cloud up with all those thoughts just for that moment.. That most exciting part of  being in High School but in November Seriously?

Well anyways. I was able to have a front row seat when a friend had her JS Prom. I was with her from hair and make up til she took center stage. I was rooting for her. She looks exquisite.

As her transformation begins, she asked me what is my favorite award. I told her Star of the NIGHT. Then she asked me why. I told her the meaning of the awards. For me  Prom Queen is someone that everybody likes... Best dressed...Someone with the most amazing dress but doesn't have the face to match.. While Star of the Night is Someone whom everybody wants to be like..I know she was apprehensive but i had to tell her my thoughts.I told her that its okay if she wouldn't win anything, she just have to be herself and try not to suck. She answered that she couldn't concentrate with her heart beating faster and faster by the minute. I give her a tip that I learned from a friend. To sing a song mentally that way you had something on your mind other than being nervous.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mark Edwill Herrera

My fifth Crush.. yeah I think its about time I own it. Its not just because its his birthday or that I still like the guy and I want his attention but because it was so long ago and I'm over it.

I remember back in the day, way back in high school when I had to run for a position in the student government and I had to stay longer hours inside the school to make some campaign materials. I was tasked to make those bookmarks. It was nothin fancy but you made it extra special.

I also remembered how stupid I acted whenever you passed by our classroom when you go to the CR or whereever it is that you wanna be. Hahaha. Talking about blushing, I could be the Master..

Im so Happy that despite the stupid sh*t that I do, we remained friends through time. I managed to moved on and be cool when you're around. Though you're faraway now.

Hey, I know you've always been a trouble maker since you were born but nonetheless an ORIGINAL never be replaced. Have a ball and enjoy your day..

Whatever you do, always remember I'm here missing you... IRING

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Molobolo Cold Spring, Tuburan Cebu

If nature trip was your thing. Well I've got news for you. Why don't you guys check out Molobolo Cold Spring at Tuburan Cebu. Its just a 3-4 hours drive from the city. You would fall in love with its magnificent allure. It's Nature at its "RAWEST"

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Eff YOU!

I don't know where to start this post. Should I start with the as*hole or the B*tch that started all this Drama?
So this me telling it all... my side of the story...as I rise from the flames and leaving all this drama behind, I just had to be true to myself and to everyone I know. Summa total, I was just hurting myself for trusting too much, loving too much. I just wished that you guys could see the pain in my eyes so that you'll realize how much I cared.

So what if I told you I love you..baby just don't let it go through your head and act like you own me.. I gave up my love to you but not my soul...

I could finally close this book, not end a chapter, and start a new one.

Never regret! Whether it's good, bad, wonderful, or heartbreaking, it's living at it's most real. Always learn and become stronger for what you've experienced.