Thursday, May 23, 2013

Miss Bogo Tourism 2013

I just wanna show my love and support to a dear friend Shiny Faye Sepulveda. She is wearing my lucky number #3 .Please click this link
and hit like.. Thank you


Buhis buhay stunts!!
Naog naog din pag may time

Miss Bogo 2012
Production Number: Las Vegas Show Girl-ish
Shine Bright like a Diamond
Swim Wear

Shine Bright like a Diamond
Jasmine Villar: the prettiest of the bunch for me
Cecil Lyn Ponpon: The Smartest of the Bunch
Nico with Mary Carmel Allora C. Llopez: Miss Bogo Tourism 2013

The Very Beautiful: Rizzini Alexis Gomez: Miss Tourism International
I forgot her name, Sorry
The man who made it all possible. 
The Beauty: Mira Mae Dimmerling and Me

A very well deserved win. No questions no protests!! Hands down!

photo credits: Tiffany Jusay

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